Who Am I?

In the words of my daughter’s friends during her 8th birthday party as they toured our home for the first time, “Your Mom is a Wizard.” A name that shot me out of the kitchen in defense. How dare they misunderstand the curved horn on my bookcase, the ostrich feathers carefully arranged in my handblown twisted glass sconce vases, and the beautifully mounted and framed butterflies and stick bugs on the buffet. I am crafty and I love to collect interesting conversation pieces, but I, my dear, am no wizard. To my embarrassment, my daughter pulled me aside to explain this was the new way to say “Your Mom can do anything”.

I admit, I love making things pretty. Food, parties, my wardrobe, as well as mine and other’s homes and businesses. It’s just what I do and I love it. Do What You Love, right?

So, why should you read my rambling in these posts? Because, you’ve sought out to find solutions to your home. I’m betting I have worked with dozens of clients, just like you.  I have always found ways to drastically improve their lifestyles through design… affordably. So if you follow me, I may find just the solutions for you. Contact me, I would love to help.